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Eaton Health Services

Eaton School District Health Services promotes the physical, mental, and emotional health of all students.

Medication forms and other health related information by can be found in our:
Health Files Repository

Immunization Requirements

Colorado law requires all students attending Colorado schools and licensed child cares to be vaccinated against certain diseases unless a medical or non-medical exemption is filed. For more information about vaccine requirements, resources and exemptions, please visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s School Immunization page.

By accessing the parent portal under the health tab you are able to see what immunization records the school has on file for your child.
Health Services Team
Health Service Team From Left to Right
Michelle Been, RN, District Nurse
Dawn Pennington, Health Tech at EES
McKenna Ferguson, Health Tech at EMS
Chrissy Krause, Health Tech at BEES

Contact Michelle Been for any questions or concerns at 454-3402 or

When To Keep Your Child Home From School 

When a child does not feel well enough to participate in normal activities we recommend them staying home. Usually a child with a temperature of 101 or higher should remain at home till fever free. No exclusion is necessary unless there are symptoms in addition to the fever, such as a rash, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, behavior changes, etc. Your child must stay home until fever subsides without the use of fever reducing medications (Ibuprofen, Tylenol). Strep throat, may return after 24 hours of antibiotic treatment. Children with bacterial conjunctivitis or "pink eye" do not need to be excluded unless the child meets other exclusion criteria such as fever or behavior changes. 

See guidelines from Children's Hospital under how sick is too sick for school file. You will also find restriction time line for certain illnesses.

Medications at School

In order to give out any medication at school, prescription or over-the-counter, we must have a written order from an individual who is licensed to prescribe medication in the state of Colorado on file. The order must included student's name, name of drug, dosage, time for administering, side effects, name of health care provider and current date. Orders are good school year to school year. Medication must come in it's original, properly labeled container, and brought in by the parent or guardian. The parent/guardian must also provide written permission to the school to administer a prescription or over-the-counter medication. Please see medication policy. You may download the medication form from this website under medication folder.

Medication forms and other health related information by can be found in our health files repository
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